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Avoid countless hours of pulling information from your paperwork and filling out online special education and provider forms. We make it easy!

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How Elea’s Form Wizard Works

  • Download Extension. Don't worry, we will email you a link.
  • Create your account and fill out all of the fields in the Form Wizard portal.
  • When you fill out a form, open the extension and click the autofill button.
Form Wizard dashboard
Form Wizard dashboard with filled out fields

Keep Information Organized

Just fill out your and your child's information in the Form Wizard portal once and then you can auto fill any online form.

Easy Access In Your Chrome Browser

Our Form Wizard can be used in a Google Chrome browser on any laptop or desktop computer.

Form Wizard extension being used on a therapy services intake form


How to access the Form Wizard?

Just sign up by filling out the form below and we will send you a link to download the extension once it is released.

What forms can I fill out?

The Form Wizard is meant to fill out online special education and provider forms for your child(s) with developmental disabilities. As long as you have input your information into the Form Wizard portal, that information can be auto filled into any form. New fields in the portal cannot currently be created.

Online forms are forms that can be accessed directly in a web browser.

What are the limits of the Form Wizard?

The Form Wizard will be released for beta soon so you may experience some errors. We are continuing to improve the extension and would love to hear your feedback on how we can make it more valuable for you.

Read our DISCLAIMER here!

Before you get started, we want to let you know:

Form Wizard is a Chrome extension intended to assist parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities by automatically populating online forms with common information. Users should carefully review all form data before submission to ensure accuracy and completeness.

The Form Wizard extension is not officially endorsed by or affiliated with any online platforms or forms. Users retain full responsibility for information submitted through forms populated by this extension. Elea cannot guarantee accuracy or suitability of auto-filled data for all forms.

Use of the Form Wizard extension is done at the user's own discretion based on individual circumstances. It should not be relied upon as an official record-keeping solution or compliance tool. Elea is not liable for any errors, omissions, or consequences resulting from use of this extension.

By installing and activating Form Wizard, you acknowledge use of this extension is purely at your own risk and responsibility. You agree not to hold Elea liable for any outcomes related to auto-filling of forms. Please use this extension ethically and legally.

Still have questions? Email us at Info@getElea.com

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